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My New Site is Up

You're looking at it.

Web Design | November 13, 2014

So this is my new site- welcome! Now that I think about it, the version it replaced (version 3.0) was quite elderly for a website - pushing 3.5 years of age without any major revisions. The site was a bit too dark (a symptom of a rather opressed creative period it seemed), the projects were rusted relics of a bygone era, and the damned thing wasn't screen-size responsive. Obviously, the time had come to do some changing. So in the late spring of 2014, I set about to the task.

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First Colorado Trip

But definitely not the last

Travel | October 13, 2014

I really need to get out more. Action-filled days spent outdoors as a child, mud-footed and dirt-covered have ill-prepared me for the sedentary nine-to-five of adulthood. There was a time in college, somewhere between being a rather undecided biology major and taking art classes on the side, that I had aspirations of traveling the world as a research scientist. I dreamed of hiking, climbing mountains, and discovering new species unseen by humans...

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